14 December 2011

12 December 2011

National Geographic Traveller UK

Freddy Boo illustration, National Geographic Traveller UK, robbed by a snake
Freddy Boo illustration NGT Smart Traveller Column, Snake Chancer, magazine page

In this issues column David Whitley reassess his attitude towards
safety on the road, brought about by an encounter with a snake while
hiking through the Namadgi National Park in Canberra. The giant
snake is coiled around David and robbing him of his valuables.
The lesson here is when travelling you should have in place 
insurance, security checks and take precautions on the road.

22 November 2011

Illostribute, tribute to Albert Dorne

Freddy Boo illustration Illostribute Albert DroneTribute

This tribute is to Albert Dorne, an American illustrator who's
work appeared in Collier's, Life and The Saturday Evening Post.
Drone was a very successful advertising illustrator and recognised
as one of the best and highest paid. I interpreted an magazine
advert for Westinghouse radios.

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2 November 2011

The Worlds Seventh Billionth Person

Freddy Boo illustration a globe with the worlds 7th billionth person

The United Nations estimated that on the 31 October the world's 
population would hit a milestone of seven billion. To mark this 
occasion a baby girl born in India was chosen as the world's seventh
billionth person.

6 October 2011

National Geographic Traveller UK

Freddy Boo illustration, National Geographic Traveller UK, missing the tour bus

Freddy Boo illustration NGT Smart Traveller Column, The Bus Stops Here, magazine page

I was very happy to be commissioned by National Geographic 
Traveller magazine UK to produce a fun, colourful illustration 
for the Smart Traveller column. The image accompanies the 
writer David Whitley's humorous story of him miss timing the 
departure of the scheduled tour bus.

4 August 2011

Illostribute, tribute to Ernesto Garcia Cabral

Freddy Boo illustration Illostribute Ernesto Garcia Cabral Tribute

The latest tribute is to Ernesto Garcia Cabral, one of Mexico's 
greatest illustrators, cartoonist and caricaturist. Renowned for 
this distinct style full of humour and energy. He is remembered 
today for his posters and lobby cards produced during the Golden 
Age of Cinema 1936-1956.
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13 June 2011

Charging My Electric Car

Freddy Boo illustration Electric car charging

Electric cars for city driving is good for the environment and the 
health of the city. London is encouraging drivers to switch to this 
friendly mode of transport and is increasing the number of charging 
points around the capital. I created this simple, lighthearted 
illustration showing a small city car on charge.

23 April 2011

Illostribute, tribute to David Klein

Freddy Boo illustration Illostribute Ernesto David Klein Tribute

This tribute is to David Klein, commercial illustrator renowned
for his travel posters for TWA during the 1950's and 60's. He 
created many vibrant posters which depicted well-known landmarks
and buildings of  various countries from around the world.

I chose to interpret Klein's poster for 'Egypt Fly TWA'. You can see 

all the other interpretations by fellow illustrators at illostribute.

2 April 2011

The Merry River

The Serco Prize for Illustration 2011 The Merry River

My image has been selected for the Serco, London Transport 
Museum and Association of Illustrators The River Thames 
Competition. An exhibition of the top 50 entries will be shown 
at the London Transport Museum and winners announced at the 
private view evening in May.

The illustration is based from my observations and sketches made 

on my many walks along the river. The central focus is the iconic 
London Transport logo which forms the River Thames. On and 
surrounding the river I've portrayed aspects of London's varied life 
to create an energetic and humorous poster. The image is far the most 
detailed I've created. I stayed true to my initial sketch, but I was adding 
new elements and rearranging them an hour before the entry deadline.
I did have lots fun creating this illustration.

7 March 2011


London based illustrator Freddy Boo creates vibrant and figurative stylized digital illustrations

My perception of the internet. The website Can you draw the
internet shows submissions from kids and those in the creative
industry, to see who's more creative.

28 February 2011

Internet Shopping

Freddy Boo Illustration Woman Internet Shopping

A fun image about online shopping.

16 February 2011

Illostribute, tribute to Al Hirschfeld

Freddy Boo illustration Illostribute Al Hirscfeld Tribute

This tribute is to Al Hirschfeld the American caricaturist. Renowned 
for his black and white line drawings, "his pen would capture the 
entire world of entertainment and celebrity".

The image I interpreted was of the wonderful Louis Armstrong. 

You can see the other great interpretations by fellow illustrators 
at illostribute.