12 June 2012

National Geographic Traveller UK

Freddy Boo illustration, National Geographic Traveller UK, over designed hotel rooms

Freddy Boo illustration NGT Smart Traveller Column, Room For Improvement, magazine page

The writer David Whitely bemoans hotel designers and their 
obsession with style over function in hotel rooms. The illustration is 
based on his worst experiences in hotel rooms around the world. 
Their overt use of technology, manual controls are substituted for 
complex electronic gadgets leading to frustration.

1 June 2012

Cloud Storage and Computing

Freddy Boo illustrator Cloud storage and Computing

Cloud computing allows you to store your data such as documents, 
music, photos, videos on virtual storage space on a remote server. 
With an internet connection you can backup your data from various 
devices, a laptop, tablets, smartphones and computers. Accessing 
your data from different locations is an advantage with cloud storage.

I created this humorous illustration showing someone accessing their
music on an iPad from a cloud with filing cabinet draws for storing data.

Home or Remote Working

Freddy Boo illustration man remote working on an island

Companies are enabling employees to work from home or
a remote location. Brought on by advances in accessing the 
internet and communication tools.